Scroll Highlight
for Framer

Highlighting text within paragraphs is a powerful tool that serves multiple purposes. For starters, it allows readers to quickly identify crucial information, assisting them to understand the main points without having to read an entire piece. It serves, essentially, as a kind of roadmap to the text. Furthermore, it's an effective aid; highlighting can enhance recall and comprehension by visually emphasizing important content.

Oh and you can also
switch colors.

It is particularly beneficial for students when reviewing notes or preparing for exams. Moreover, highlighted text can promote active reading, encouraging interaction between the reader and the text. Not only does it provide clarification, but it can also guide subsequent questioning, discussion, or further research.

Another color? Done.

Additionally, highlighting can help with organization of thoughts, enabling the reader to group related ideas together easily. Therefore, whether it's for improved comprehension, memory, or a productive reading strategy, highlighting text is an invaluable resource. In the vast landscape of information, a highlighter can essentially serve as your compass, drawing your attention to where you need to focus.